Recovery Resources Package

Recovery Resources – a collection of resources to support recovery from disordered eating.

Package includes:

  • A compendium of printed strategies and tools to support recovery
  • Meal Support Book
  • Journal
  • Pen
  • Inspo Box
  • Journey Jewels
  • Notebook
  • Eating Disorders Network card and other brochures



The Recovery Resources Package contains:


Meal Support: strategies to support those recovering from an eating disorder

mealsupportcoverA booklet designed to promote collaboration and communication between those who would like practical and emotional support and those who are supporting them, to ensure the most effective meal support possible.

Covering:Introductory Considerations Understanding Change What is Meal Support? Assessing Readiness What Does NOT Help Communication (What Not to Say, Examples of What to Say or Do) Goals for Meal Support A Word on Food RAVES model Areas of Support Safe and Challenge Foods Establishing Mealtime Guidelines Before the Meal – Planning and Preparation (Environment, Structure, Meal Preparation, Serving) During the Meal (Distraction, Coaching and Reassurance, Useful Phrases, Addressing Disordered Eating Behaviours, Questions to Ponder) After the Meal – Post Meal Support (What to Expect – Physical Symptoms, What to Expect – Psychological Effects, Distraction) Coping Strategies (Coping Strategies for Dealing with Intrusive Thoughts, Coping Strategies for Dealing with Intrusive Images, Coping Strategies for Dealing with Unpleasant Feelings) Specific Challenges –RAVES, Eating in Public,  Relapse Concerns (Warning Signs, Triggers, Action Plan, Other Things I’d Like You to Know or Do to Support Me) Self-Care for Support People Words from Various Support People (From 2 Fathers, From 2 Mothers, From a Partner, From a Sibling, From a Friend) Concluding Thoughts Eating Disorder Services Directory

A Compendium of Printed Strategies and Tools to Support Recovery

compendiumIncluding: Introductory Letter  What Has Helped…  From the Sisterhood of Recovery (Ngareta Day)  Meal Support – an Overview  Recovery is Quotes…Page 1  Blank Menu Template  From the Sisterhood of Recovery (M, 27)  Universal Needs Inventory  Universal Feelings Inventory  CBT ABCS Template  Coping Strategies for Dealing with Intrusive and Distressing Thoughts  Coping Strategies for Dealing with Intrusive and Distressing Images  Coping Strategies for Dealing with Unpleasant Feelings  Recovery is Quotes…Page 2  Understanding Change  From the Sisterhood of Recovery (B. Stewart and S. Hastings)  Short-Term Goal and Vision Board x 3 – 1. An Example, 2. With categories/headings, 3. Blank  Intermediate Goal and Vision Board x 3 – 1. An Example, 2. With categories/headings, 3. Blank  Long-Term Goal and Vision Board x 3 – 1. An Example, 2. With categories/headings, 3. Blank  Recovery is Quotes…Page 3  Journaling – The practice and benefits of journaling  Self-nurturing/self-soothing  From the Sisterhood of Recovery (Nicola Ironside)  An introduction to your ‘Journey Jewels’  Recovery is Quotes…Page 4  Recommended Reading list for those battling an eating disorder, carers, parents, siblings, etc  Eating Disorder Support Services – Australia, New Zealand, and Worldwide  An introduction to No Numbers Nutrition

Inspo Box

Inspo boxA collection of inspirational images and quotes that have sustained me in the tough times and motivated me to continue moving forwards. When faced with a tough decision, struggling with ambivalence, tempted to resort to eating disordered behaviours, or simply in need of some encouragement, take the lid off the box and rummage through for as long as needed. Replace the old with the new and actively engage in activities that stimulate new neural pathways.

Journal and Pen

journal3Journaling has played a significant role in my life and recovery. I have included a document on the benefits of journaling and how to go about beginning the process. There is also a journal included in this pack to get you started. I have intentionally selected a journal that contains no lines so that you are not constricted by them and are free to write/draw/express yourself in a non-linear way if that is what supports you. I personally prefer to journal on lined paper, but have found that creative expression (though often confrontational to my perfectionistic tendencies), has been incredibly freeing and often preceded profound insight.

Journey Jewels Organza Gift Bag

journey jewelsThroughout my recovery journey, I have collected an assortment of objects that are reminders of the things that are important to me; of the tears and triumphs; of the successes I’ve had; and the things I’ve learnt. Clutching them at times, has helped to ground me; support or encourage me; remind me that I’m not alone; strengthen my resolve to recover; and remind me of where I’m headed.  I have included a few of these things in an organza bag in this package as my gift to you and to give you a few ideas to get you started.


exercise bookI have found that bringing along a notebook with me to each of my appointments allows me to jot down key points, homework, and reminders which I am likely to otherwise forget. It is beneficial to keep this all in one place, as the work between different supports – dietitian, Dr, therapist, psychologist etc – frequently overlap.

Eating Disorders Network Card and Other Brochures


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