B. Stewart

Recovery to me means waking up in the morning and wondering “what will I have for breakfast today?” Because I can choose now – I don’t have to stick to a rigid food plan.

Recovery to me means getting out of bed and having a cup of tea and maybe meditating. Because I don’t have to step on the scales every morning now and define myself by whatever the number says.

Recovery to me means reading books; spending time with my family; playing with my dog; playing the piano; bushwalking…all the things that I had stopped doing when all of my energy was focused on my weight and food intake.

Recovery has taught me to reach out to others – to build a support network around myself. Recovery has taught me that having a bad day is OK; the important thing was to pick myself up afterwards and keep on trying. Recovery taught me that I am LOVED, WORTH IT and GORGEOUS – just the way I am.

B. Stewart