Coping Strategies and Well-Being

zebraThis section is dedicated to exploring coping strategies and improving well-being.  I share with you that which I have learned regarding the importance of identifying my needs and recognising my feelings; discovering healthier ways of meeting my needs and expressing my feelings; identifying the underlying beliefs and thoughts that impact my feelings; and tools for dealing with unpleasant feelings and intrusive and distressing thoughts, images and self-talk.  I also take a brief look at the following areas: Sleep (Why good sleep is so essential and some tips for a good night’s sleep); Journaling (The practice and benefits of journaling and how to go about beginning the process); Self-Nurture (A collection of strategies for self-care, nurture and self-soothing); Self-Harm (A compilation of ideas for alternatives to self-harm); and Goal Setting (The value of setting short-term, intermediate, and long-term goals and some tools to assist you in this).

Thoughts, Images, and Self-Talk
Goal Setting

If you have other strategies that have supported your recovery and would like to share them with others, please fill in the form below and I will endeavour to promptly upload them to this site where appropriate.  Please ensure you have read and adhered to the guidelines for submission.

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Coping Strategies and Well-Being
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