Endorsements and Feedback

“I have found the Recovery Resources Pack to be an invaluable source of inspiration and motivation for patients – giving them reassurance that recovery is possible and that they are not alone.” – Dr Leanne Barron

“The pack was awesome…More than anything it made me realise that I was not alone and that I could get help…It was just so good  my mother and I read everything cover to cover…”

“My daughter received your recovery resources pack last Tuesday. Although she has and we have had one of the worst weeks of her short life the resource kit has come out and we have shared it today. While she sleeps exhausted by her fight within, I sit here reading your work and glancing at my broken girl, but for the first time feel hope. This pack made her smile when she received it and my heart beat with hope when she got it out and shared it with me. Thank you … This is the first step I have seen her take toward helping herself … With love I will gently walk beside her no matter the pace!”

“Because of the package, I decided to seek help and am now in treatment, and for the first time, I have hope.”

Feedback“I struggle with B.E.D (Binge Eating Disorder) and reading the Recovery Resources Package helped me realise that I’m worth the effort…I’m worth working through all the crap. It was so encouraging to read other people’s stories and what they went through, to know that they really get it and understand, and see that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that there’s hope. You really get it.  Even if it’s a different eating disorder, the underlying issues seem to be so similar.  Many people say to me, ‘Oh, an eating disorder? I could never get that as I love my food too much!’ but the pack helps me to explain that it’s not solely about the food…that that’s just a symptom.”

“The pack has changed my life…thank you.”

“Our GP gave your Recovery Resources Package to my daughter.  I have sat down with a cup of tea tonight and started reading through it and I wanted to THANK YOU for putting it together. There are SOOOOOOOOOOOO many helpful items, phrases, encouragements, goal sheets etc.  You are a treasure! I hope to sit down with my daughter and work through it slowly, especially the weekly meal planning which I think would relieve a lot of anxiety, instead of daily planning. I truly believe this resource would have been a great help when she was in hospital for xx days and we were getting nowhere. Although I have read numerous books from the library and taken notes, your kit is colourful, appealing, encouraging and to the point, especially for a teenager, tired parents and siblings.  THANK YOU once again!”

“The Meal Support booklet is AMAZING and I was thinking, you are spot on, we need things like this, and that every single person working with people with EDs, especially in hospital, need to read that. It is so helpful! Thank you 🙂 It’s going to help me, and it left me feeling quite hopeful.”

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