Contributors and Acknowledgements

Thank you to the following amazing women who contributed to this resource, openly and honestly sharing their struggles and successes, their heartache and joys, and the wisdom and insight they have gained along their recovery journey:

  • thank youB. Stewart
  • Eleasah Ridley
  • Katie Lye
  • Isis Recovery Support Group
  • M (27)
  • Ngareta Day
  • Nicola Ironside
  • S. Hastings
  • And numerous others

In addition to the above individuals, I would not be walking the road of recovery or compiling such a resource if it weren’t for the support of the following people (many of whom also collaborated on this resource, providing valuable insight, feedback, and input):

  • Alison Lee (Counsellor, Gestalt Therapist, Founder of Heartwork & Creator of the Isis Peer Mentor Program)
  • Anita King (Registered Nurse/Case Manager)
  • Dr Denae Crough (Clinical Psychologist – The Prince Charles Hospital)
  • Dr Leanne Barron (GP with a special interest in Eating Disorders)
  • Isis – the Eating Issues Centre, Inc
  • Sally-Anne Livock (Dietitian/Director of Sunshine Coast Dietetics)
  • My treating teams and staff (especially at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital and The Prince Charles Hospital, including but not limited to Dr Warren Ward, Dr Rachael Bellair, Michelle Roberts, Shane Jeffrey, Dr Andrea Walker, Donna Hickling, Dr Anna Jenkins, and many wonderful nursing staff)
  • My Recovery Mentor  (Through the Isis Peer Mentor Project)
  • Andrew Wales (My amazing husband who has faithfully stood by me, supported and loved me unconditionally)
  • My Parents and Family
  • Kris, Vicki and Misha Thomson (My second family)
  • My Heavenly Daddy – God
  • Innumerable friends, family, teachers, and colleagues

Thank you for believing in me, holding hope for me, praying for and supporting me, walking alongside me, and never ever giving up.

Thank you to KJHosting (Jarrod Miles and Kris Thomson) for hosting this website, teaching me how to build it, answering my many questions, ironing out all the kinks, and providing fabulous tech support!

Thank you to Fiona Shaw for the many hours spent editing my content, checking links, providing feedback, and testing out the online store and contact forms.  Your insight and editing capacity has been invaluable!!!  You have also made the process much more fun and worthwhile.

Thank you to Manysparrows Art for a number of the images used both in the hard copy of the Recovery Resources Package and on this website (particularly in “The Sisterhood of Recovery” section).

A special thank you to BBC Digital for printing the hard copy of these resources and believing in this project.