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  1. Danni Mander - at - - Reply

    I found it! I love the analogy…the imagery is so powerful and vibrant. Lots percolating here too…and thanks for sharing your thoughts too Fi! Xxx

  2. Meke - at - - Reply

    Sometimes the most profound realisations come out of the smallest moments in which we allow ourselves to be open, or the right words or wisdom are planted at a moment when we are ready to receieve them hey 🙂

  3. Fiona Meow - at - - Reply

    I love it Sarah, I can’t fault it. It’s just what i needed to hear too, right now. Love it and love that idea too.
    we actually encourage flowers to bloom to their full potential, nurture them to do so. Celebrate with joy with every new growth. exclaim and wonder over and capture in photographs and art, the differences and variations.
    Even the weeds, someone said to me once, weeds are but plants in the wrong place. Nothing wrong with them.
    I’d love to start celebrating weeds as much as plants – like I deliberately sowed stuff in my garden that would just be grassy/weedy stuff among sunflowers and grains that I couldn’t make use of in the manner I’ve grown them – because shalimar and I have gotten so much pleasure out of them. even if the sunflowers don’t bloom, the greenery has been exciting and made us very very happy 🙂
    many of us see ourselves, treat ourselves, and are treated by others, as weeds.
    time to redefine ‘weeds’. Not even as being in the wrong place, but as being just as wonderful, misunderstood.

    I love the picture.

    All my love <3 <3

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